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Our Story

Designing since 1992

GardenWorks designed and built gardens on the rooftops, sidewalks and in the backyards of New York City. Now we are back and in Boston!

From the beginning, GardenWorks has been a landscape company with an emphasis on service and an innovative approach to design. We pay special attention to our clients’ tastes and needs in formulating and completing our projects, which includes adhering to a specific schedule of work and completion dates. GardenWorks Boston designs from a fresh perspective, creating a feeling for the abundance and true beauty of nature. We develop dining, lounging, food preparation and water elements in the garden which are both beautifully formed and functional.

For these projects we offer our clients and subcontractors comprehensive design services and project support. We are involved in a minimum of projects at any one time to ensure that each gets the attention required to fulfill our clients’ expectations.

Our Philosophy

As GardenWorks Boston’s Principal Designer, Brem Hyde believes that plantings should give the viewer a sense of the abundance and spirit of nature, while retaining a variety of forms and textures and a sense of balance. Brem is careful to mix texture, form and color in a harmonic way.

A curved formal hedge, a flowing English-style border planting, asymmetrically placed structural evergreens, beach grasses—any of these design choices might create the desired atmosphere and function.

And while variety and contrasts are beneficial in design, the challenge is to incorporate them in a cohesive landscape.

Each design project is seen to be a fresh opportunity to create beautiful, inviting spaces while respecting the unique challenges each garden presents.

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