Rooftop Terraces

Rooftop terrace with pergola

The garden is broken up into different levels to delineate the spaces from each other. The plantings are a uniform mix of grasses, flowers and loosely structured evergreen shrubs to provide a lush and abundant garden. The limited palette of plants and textures attempts to create a soothing, uncomplicated atmosphere. The floor of the deck is sectional and removable to facilitate maintenance of the roof.

Rooftop terrace with pool

This garden and water feature was a co-design with Armani Interior Design Studio. The crisp, rectilinear lines of the pool and trellis are complemented by the structure and formality of the Arbor Vitae. The round evergreen underplantings add contrast with the French lavender groundcover bringing color, scent and texture.

rooftop terrace with outdoor kitchen

This garden provides a fully-operational kitchen with stainless steel appliances and bluestone countertops amidst a lush planting. The curved steel planters contain olive trees, hydrangeas, cotoneaster, and perennial plantings, providing a low-maintenance garden of profuse blooms and free-flowing plantings. The curvature of the planters attempts to naturalize the rectilinear shape of the garden, as the trailing and graceful form of the plants further affect the feel of the space.

Ground Level Gardens

Formal garden with fountain

A formal French layout is modified in this garden by the flowing, abundant form of the bamboo, while the rich brown color of the oiled Ipe walls and fountain contrasts with the off-white of the rear wall and the sandstone pavers. The rear wall was heightened two-feet to increase the drama and scale of the space. The hedges are cherry laurel—shade-tolerant, evergreen and loosely formal. The Diogo Fountain is the focal point of the formal layout, with the stainless steel basin adding a sleek presence in the center of the rear wall.

freeform concrete patio garden

A rounded, free-formed concrete patio bordered with a steel edge forms the heart of this garden. As the garden was halved into seating and spa areas (hidden behind the 8′ hedge), the design tried to make the transition as gentle as possible, with the rounded, full forms of the laurels and birches in the rear half of the garden reflecting the shape of the patio. The plantings in the cedar boxes on the patio attempt to emphasize the loose feeling. The Schip laurel hedge provides privacy for the whirlpool bath.

Sidewalk garden

Originally the sidewalk went right to the front wall of this house, so the planting beds were excavated to a depth of 2-3 ft. and filled with fresh soil. The planting is for privacy, year-round interest and a wild natural feel. The proximity of the shrubs and trees and their flowers and berries makes for an interactive garden – passersby really looking at and touching the plants. The wrought-iron railing is the original railing (circa 1890, the same age as the house) while the tree-surround was made by Tovey Halleck.


Architectural DIGEST PERGOLA

Designed and built for the Architectural Digest Home Design Show in New York City, this solid mahogany pergola was constructed to cover a 10’x12′ abstract oval bluestone patio. Because of the shape of the patio, no two angles of the pergola are alike—necessitating extreme-angled, wedge-like upright supports.

Shell Fountain

This shell fountain is designed to compliment the motif of the native beach installation at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show.

diogo fountain

The Diogo Fountain features a broad drip edge to allow for a more audible water sound in the garden. The sound of the water is meant to be a presence—soothing and peaceful. The sheeting action of the water as it falls off the edge is another sensual feature. The fountain, like the entire garden, is strictly symmetrical. 

utility cabinet

This solid Mahogany Sheathing cabinet encloses retractable trash drawers, which run on stainless-steel slides to ensure durability. The stainless-steel planter trays above the trash bins are pitched, angled and funneled for drainage. The trash compartments are separated by full-depth planters for evergreen shrubs.

metal planters

Ornamented with proportionate ball-feet and crossing bars (obscured is the side-by-side ring motif in the center of the main panel where the bars intersect). Relatively lightweight and supremely durable – the planters can be coated with epoxy or made of unpolished stainless steel, which has the look of pewter.


Vine trellis

This hand-wrought-iron trellis was forged from Manhattan’s recycled East River piers and Lower East Side fire escape iron. A co-design with Tovey Halleck, the trellis had to be supported entirely from the curved posts below the railing.

hardwood deck and planters

This construction modifies the design of an existing bench, for enhanced comfort, beauty and child safety. Predrilled and screwed boards will ensure the durability of the deck and planters. Polyurethane adhesives when applied in conjunction with stainless steel screws ensure longer lasting outdoor woodwork.

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